Wire Frame Handout

Pictures of the Hat from the Class Pattern

Straw Braid Resources:

JasTownsend and Son
Judith M Hats and Millinery Supply, 104 S. Detroit St, LaGrange, IN. 46761
Frank‘s Cane and Rush Supply, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Hat Blocks ~25$

Straw Dye Resources & Information:
Dharma Trading Company
Jacquard Products

General Millinery Resources:
Richard the Thread, Los Angeles, Ca,
Lacis, Berkeley, Ca, Fax (510) 843-5018,
California Millinery Supply Co., Los Angeles, Ca

Hat Reference Books: of special interest to wire frame and 1885-95 fashion.
“ From the Neck Up an Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking” by Denise Dreher, Madhatter Press; ISBN: 0-941082-00-8
“ Millinery for Every Woman” by Georgina Karr Kaye, Lacis; ISBN: 0-916896-43-9
“ Shoes, Hats,and Fashion Accessories a Pictorical Archive 1850-1940” by Grafton, Dover Books; ISBN: 0-486-40103-0
“ The Mode on Hats and Headresses” by R. Turner Wilcox, Charles Scrivner‘s Son’s, New York 1948; ISBN: 0-941082-00-8
“ Vintage Hats & Bonnets 1770-1970: Identification & Values” by Susan Langley, Collectors Books; ISBN: 1-57432-028-9
“ Classic Millinery Techniques”, by Ann Albrizio and Osnat Lustig, Lark Books; ISBN: 1-57990-016-X
“ Skeleton Foundations Part 1 Women’s Institute of Domestic Sciences” pub. 1920 Reprint Dakota Prairie Treasures.com

Links to Straw Hat Related Sites

American Museum of Straw Art
They have on one of their on-line tours a hat just like the one we are making in class.

Contentment Farm Antiques has several hats like the one we are making including a transparent one

and a very nice slide show of the Vintage one in my pattern
and a beautiful Swiss Straw over wireframe

On the Vintage Sewing Site, two 1920"s book that have sections on Wire Frame hats

1925 MillineryMillinery by Jane Loewen
Detailed instructions on making hats, including wire frames, molded frames, pattern frames, materials, trimmings, and even cleaning and remodeling. Plus the obligatory chapters on color and line harmony. (213 pages)

1928 Cover of Nu-Way Course in Fashionable Clothesmaking The Nu-Way Course in Millinery and Hat Design
Correspondence course with complete instructions for learning the art of millinery and hat design. Includes 25 lessons on hat design and construction with many illustrations of hats and hairstyles from 1928.

Dakota Prairie Treasures has two early Millinery books on CD I recomend;

"Millinery: Theoretical & Practical" Published 1900

"The Art of Millinery" Published 1909

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