Front & Back View Tudor Costume

This costume is a simple court dress; the bodice, turned-back sleeves, outer skirt and French hood are made of matching vintage fabric (1940's German draperies). The field is red and the motif is slightly raised and rosy red. The foreskirt and false sleeves are a matching heavy cotton fabric that I dyed. The field is a light dusty rose (it does not photograph well) and the motif is cream. Originally it was all cream. The false chemise sleeves are cream silk with bobbin lace trim on the cuff (see; close up of false sleeves). The turned-back sleeves are lined in brown fake fur. Because the fake fur was lighter than real fur I added a line of drapery weights along the edge. This makes them hang very nicely but makes the bodice too heavy for all but the most sturdy hanger.

Photos by Gail Nichols
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