Tudor Bodice Front

In this photo you can see the motif in this vintage fabric (1940's German draperies). I used a pattern from the book "Patterns for Theatrical Costumes" by Katherine Holkeboer (pg.175) for the bodice and false sleeves. The pattern for the turned-back sleeves did not work. I had to arrive at this one by trial and error with muslin, (see drawing below). This photo also shows the three medallions I used in the girdle jewelry. If you look closely you can see that there are holes drilled into each one so that jump rings could be used to add them into the girdle.

This is not a scale pattern but an approximation, if you want to make this kind of sleeve you should still make a full size mock up in muslin (I used an old quilted mattress cover). The drawing of the pattern piece above shows only the lower part of the sleeve. The upper part is a normal short sleeve pattern, you could use modern pattern piece in your size for that. For the lower sleeve you will have to cut out one of the fur and one of the lining (your gown fabric in most cases). With the right sides together and the fur piece folded along the dashed line sew from D to C. Repeat this with the lining. With right sides together pin then sew the fur to the lining along a line from C to A to B to A to C. Turn this right side out through the opening between D to D. This can now be sewn onto the bottom of the short sleeve. Now you can fold back and tack the A's together as seen in the back view. Then cover this with some jewlery.

Photos by Gail Nichols
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