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Late Edwardian early Teens small hats construction class at Lacis

Late Victorian / Early Edwardian Small Hat or Toque
Saturday, September 22
10:00 - 5:00 PM

Past Workshops and Link pages

Tassel at Costume College 2012

Links for Supplies etc.

Feather Art by Lynn McMasters
Feather Sources and other fun links
more info http://www.waynewichernmillinery.com/Millinery_Classes.htm

Below are some handouts and links from old workshops

Faux Wings & Feathers Workshop Costume Academy 08

Handout pdf. click here

Hat Box Workshop Costume College 08 Links

click here

Turban Workshop Costume College 08 Links

click here

Wireframe Workshop CC26 Online Handouts

click here

For those that took the class at CC26, I'm re writing the instructions and replacing a few of the photos. If you send me a self addressed stamped leagal sized envelope I will send you new pattern instructions.

Straw Workshop CC2007 Online Handouts

First of all. I stand corrected. I got it just backwards. All plant based hats are not straw hats, only those made from cereal grains like Wheat, Rye, Barley, etc. Therefore, a Panama hat should not be referred to as a straw hat.

Helpful Links

Basic instructions for covering buckram with straw braid.

Links, Books and Sources for straw and other plant hats, just updated.

A link to help you figure out just how much straw braid you need for a project.

Please check back I do plan to add a time line for the history of the early straw hat industries in Europe and North America.


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