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Straw, Reed and Cane Order Page

This order page is linked to Paypal. Because straw plait can not be shipped in an envelope like patterns I will be shipping them in small flat rate USPS boxes. Make sure you purchase a shipping box along with your order (see the "add to cart" button below the plait button). These boxes should be large enough for most orders but for larger orders please contact me for the sipping cost. At check out another shipping cost will be added that is to cover any patterns you order at the same time. If you do not order any patterns I will refund that amount to you via payapl. No International orders on straw. You can also add patterns to the same cart from the pattern order page.

Right now I have three different decorative edge straw plaits you can find bolts of it for sale on other sites but usually it only takes a yard or so to finish off a straw hat. So, I'm selling it by the yard and taking small orders. Make sure when you get to your cart you add the numbers of yards to the cart. Whole numbers only. I'm also selling kits with the reeds or cane needed for my two drawn bonnets. For pictures of some projects I have used decorative edge straw to complete check here

Batwing Plait

5/8" wide straw braid (new)

Bat Wing straw plaitBat Wing straw plait

$ 1.00/yd.

Flower Edged Plait

1" wide straw braid (new)

Bat Wing straw plaitBat Wing straw plait

$ 2.00/yd.

Luton Rail Plait

5/8" wide straw braid (vintage)

Luton Rail straw plaitBat Wing straw plait

$ 3.00/yd.

Supplies for 1855-60 Drawn Bonnet

6 yds. #4 Round Reed

$ 4.00

Supplies for 1845-50 Drawn Bonnet

3 yds. round reed, 4 yds. 6MM natural binder cane, 1.25 yds. 3MM common chair cane

$ 6.00

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