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On my site making straw braid hats over buckram

The American Museum of Straw Art The Curator, Morgyn Owens-Celli brought those fantastic historical hats and other straw fashion for our class. Their site has some virtual tours that are very much worth a look. The book store has some straw related books and reprints for sale.

1952—How to Make Hats by Ruby Carnahan, Vintage Sewing A 1952 article on straw over buckram with illustrations.

How to Make Victorian Hats for Spring from "The Delineator"...  March 1899 an article on straw over a wire frame.

1913 photo of English Straw Braid Weavers

The History of Straw Plait in Hertfordshire

Straw Manufacture some defineations of straw terms.

A georgous 1880's natural straw from my talk. An Edwardian from the same site. The brown 1880 from the same site.

Vintage Hats some straw This site has some vintage straw hats.

Karen August, Antique Lace & Fashion, A Victorian straw torque

Reproduction period Straw Hats

Vintage Textile auction site usually has some straw hats

Smithonian Institution photo of Henry Clay's straw Top Hat 1840"s

Borsalino Hats History

The making of the straw sailor hats for "Master and Commander"

Some books on the Straw Industry from 1840 to 1940

Madame Bergeret is holding her "Bergere" straw hat, also known as the "Shepherdess," "Milkmaid", or "Skimmer."

Fratelli Mazzanti produces straw hats and handbags since the 1960's

Early History of the Equadorian Hat Iindustry "Panama Hat"

More Panama Hat info and sources

More on Equador Hats

Genuine Panama hats are crafted--as they always have been--in Ecuador
Links to Straw Making Supply Sites

Frank's Cane and Rush Supply

Judith M Hat & Millinery Supply

Straw Braid, Victorian Millinery

Doll Hat Making Straw Braid

Straw Dye Resources & Information
Dharma Trading Company
Jacquard Products

Straw Hat References :

"Swiss Straw Work" Techniques of a Fashion Industry" by Main, Veronica Description: Historical, practical, & comprehensive manual, for straw work: ornaments, plaits, edgings, for bonnets etc. Color illus + map. Lg4to. Stiff wraps. 134pp. Bookseller Inventory # 1648 ISBN: 0954179501 Publisher: UK Publication Date: 2003 Binding: Soft cover

"House and Home," from the Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife's annual proceedings of 1988, which was printed at Boston University. The specific article is by Caroline Sloat and is entitled, "A Great Help to Many Families: Straw Braiding in Massachusetts before 1825." It is 12 pages long. an excellent article and another piece of the puzzle of the hat/bonnet industry in America.

An article from Old Sturbridge Village on work done at home in the early 1800's with reference to straw braiding and palm hat making.

An article from Old Sturbridge Village Outwork and the Rural Economy: Strawbraiding in Hardwick, Massachusetts and Environs Before 1850

“ From the Neck Up an Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking” by Denise Dreher, Madhatter Press; ISBN: 0-941082-00-8“Hats: Status, Style and Glamour” by Colin McDowell, Thames and Hudson; ISBN0-500-27944-6

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“ Millinery for Every Woman” by Georgina Karr Kaye, Lacis; ISBN: 0-916896-43-9

“ Shoes, Hats,and Fashion Accessories a Pictorical Archive 1850-1940” by Grafton, Dover Books; ISBN: 0-486-40103-0

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“ The Mode on Hats and Headresses” by R. Turner Wilcox, Charles Scrivner‘s Son’s, New York 1948; ISBN: 0-941082-00-8

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“ Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century, Volume II: 20th Century” by Akiko Fukai, Tamami Suoh, Miki Iwagami, Reiko Koga, Rie Nii, Kyoto Costume Institute (Editor), Taschen; ISBN 3-8228-4099-8

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