Show Girl Costume

I was asked to create the headdress and tail part of a show girl costume. The tail part was going to be attached to the back of a corset being made in the UK while I was making the other parts in the US. Also, the client was making her panties, gloves, and the rest of the costume. Below the first row of pictures of the finished costume are some of the photos in progress. The base of the skull cap is buckram that was shaped over a styrofoam head, then trimmed. The raised part of the skull cap is made from wired plastic canvas. The cut buckram was also wired. In the third row of pictures you can see an insert of elastic this gives a little extra room for the clients hair.The skull cap was then covered with Spandex fabric and beaded. The fourth row of pictures shows the tail section clipped (suspender clips) onto a corset. The last pictures show both the finished tail and headdress.

This row of photos are copyright 2005 Jennie Livingston
The corset is a 20.5" waist, dyed satin and rhinestone overbust by C&SConstructions.

Feathered headdress and tailpiece by
Lynn McMasters, beaded panties, choker, and shoes made
or embellished by client, and model Michaela Grey. Photos taken near Santa Monica Beach, CA.

You can see more pictures from this photo session on Michaela's site.

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