Crimson and Burgundy Elizabethan Gown
Crimson and Burgundy Elizabethan Gown

This gown was one of those quick and dirty gowns put together in a month, with is very rare. The metallic embroidered trim is amazingly an" iron on" trim. It worked well for this gown because a ribbon trim would not have been able to follow the shapes necessary without a lot of seams and easing. The bodice is based on the shape and decoration of a bodice featured in Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion". It was the gown that Elinora of Toledo was buried in.

Corset Front & Back


Corset and Bumroll


Hoop Skirt



Skirt and Underbodice


Back Side Lacings


Sleeve Puffs


Sleeve Ties


Bodice Front & Back


Gown Side Front


Bodice Detail


Gown at Faire

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