Child's Elizabethan Bodice Close-ups

Close-ups of many of the details on this costume. Clockwise from the upper left. The gold metal aglets on the velvet ribbons are stock aglets that end in a loop. I added the pearl with an eye-pin. The black and white ties on the chemise are made by twisting strands of embrodery floss twice the length of the tie with a charm threaded and held in the middle. Next, The pendent sewn to one of the doublet tabs was a left over when I took a necklace apart to add to the french hood seen on another part of this site. I added a real drop pearl. Next, this photo shows the collar open so that you can see the silk lining. Next, the back of the collar.This collar is made up eight pieces, the trim hides the seam lines. I'm working on the pattern to perfect it and some day I will offer a pattern for it. Next, the double row of tabs at the waist are velvet ribbon because, the seam allowances were so thick I decided to encase the tabs in the gold trim then whip stitch the strip onto the bottom of the finished doublet. This worked very well. Center: close-up of the blackwork on the collar. The pattern which is #96 on my machine is made up mostely of cross-stitches. It is the same on the back of the fabric just like real blackwork.

Photo by Me.
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