Child's Elizabethan Closed Bodice Gown
Child's Elizabethan Closed Bodice Gown

Linsey, the youngest (8 yrs.) member of St. Rose Guild a natural born Noble, needed a costume. After some talk on its' design with the guildmaster (Kaj N.) I remembered this red velvet. Before washing, it was a lovely patterned velvet but that washed away and it was gifted to me by a dear friend. In some light you can see the remains of the pattern.
Having never made a child's Elizabethan costume I decided to begin by using the tape and tee shirt method of getting a pattern, first for the corset, then the bodice. It worked very well. There was very little alteration despite the fact that there is an extra side seam with 3" seam allowances for growth. Linsey's Aunt Pam and I picked out most of the remaining materials for the costume at a real old time fabric store in downtown Napa, CA and then set to work.

Young Lady M at Faire

Gown with Jewlery

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