Photo 8

Photo 8. On the left is a photo of the muslin side of a test square. You should be able to see the motif in the center outlined with small hand stitches. The motif has cuts through the muslin in each of the four sections. Padding is added through these slits and than they are whip stitched closed. Outside the motif there is a bracket shape made up of four sections on each side. These sections consist of two parallel rows of machine stitching. The area between the stitching is stuffed with three rows of cording side by side. The cording is sewn between the muslin and the fashion fabric with a very large needle. In the center is the right side of the test square. All the stitching for the Trapunto and padded quilting was done from this side following the design in the fabric. On the right is a computer generated facsimile of the hoped for result, a well-decorated fore skirt. In lady's court costumes of this period the one element of their dress with the greatest amount of embellishment would most often be the fore skirt. Therefore, it is a good thing in which to put a great measure of your time and materials.

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