Photo 7

Photo 7. On the left is a photo of an arming doublet. It is similar in some ways to the arming doublet in Janet Arnold (1985) however, I had to add things like a high stand up collar and skirting because this is a working arming doublet made to wear under a full suit of plate armor. In this case form did indeed follow function and the addition of these things was a necessary. On the right is a close up of part of the body and part of the sleeve of the doublet. The body was hand quilted whereas the sleeve was quilted by machine. It is somewhat disconcerting that it is difficult to see the difference. It took much more time to hand quilt the body than to machine quilt the sleeves. In future, I would most likely do all the quilting by machine except for the joining of the inner and outer sleeve halves. I think it is always a good idea to sew that seam by hand.

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