Photo 4

Photo 4. On the left is a detail shot of cape. The cuts in this case are achieved very much in the same way as in photo 2. I transferred the design to the cape. It was modified from a period design. When I knew just where each of the holes were going to be I pined a small piece of black cotton fabric over the hole, just a little bigger than the hole. I sewed the shape with a small machine straight stitch. Then with scissors I cut out the shape very close to the stitching (about 1/16" inside). I turned the cotton to the inside and with needle and thread I sewed small stitches around the outside of the shape. I did all the couched cording work on the cape before adding the gathered pieces of red silk for the puffs from the backside. On the right is a glove with a gauntlet. The metallic embroidery was done with an embroidery machine from artwork I scanned into the machine so as to replicated the design on the cape in photo 4a. The machine embroidery binds the raw edge much like a buttonhole but leaves a wide hole so that you can see the red silk fabric lining below. The holes are cut out with scissors. I also used machine embroidery on the panes of the slops and the codpiece for this costume.

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