Photo 2

Photo 2.Test square for a cape (left), square replicated 6 times in a computer program (right). The following description is how to do a square of four holes These elongated football shape holes are bound with gold lamae. This is done by first bonding fusible tricot interfacing to the backside of the lamae. I transferred the pattern of the four football shapes to the tricot. Then with right sides together (velvet and lamae) I sewed the four football shapes with small machine stitches. I made two cross cuts through only the tricot-lamae layer. Then I cut out the football shapes very close to the stitching (about 1/16" inside) and turned the tricot-lamae layer to the backside of the velvet. After pressing I added the fabric that I wanted to show through to the back. With needle and thread I sewed small stitches around the outside of the football shape through all layers, being careful to let a small amount of the gold show. I have been told that gold lamae looks very much like "cloth of gold" from the 16th Century however, I would not use it in any 16th Century costume in a large amount. Gold lamae is very light weight and "cloth of gold" must have been very heavy.

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