Period Hat Patterns by Lynn McMasters

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Below are thumbnails versions of the pattern covers, please click on them for the 1/2 size version of both the back and front cover.
If you don't know your head size or want to find out if you have a narrower or wider than normal head check out this link for the "perfect fit."

If you have never made a fabric covered buckram hat or have never used one of my patterns please read this!!

1840-50's Bonnet

US Civil War period Bonnet

US Civil War period Hat

Late Victorian Tall Hat

1870-80's Bustle Hat

La Belle Epoque Hat


1830' Romantic Period Bonnet

Regency Period Bonnet

Early 19C Seaside Bonnet

Double "X" Knot cauls, caps and Reta Pattern

Henry VII Hat

Early Victorian Bonnet

Men's and Women's German Hat

Silk Partlet Pattern

Spiral Sleeve Pattern

Highlander Doll Clothes

26" Fabric Doll Body Pattern

Wellington or Mad Hatter Style Top Hat

Men's and Women's Medieval Hat

Men's and Women's Tudor & Elizabethan Flat Caps

Universal Oval Brimmed Hat

Universal Round Brimmed Hat

Late Victorian Small Bonnet


Riding, Top or Stovepipe Hat

Go Alongs
3mm Gold Cord for Mesh Cauls at 75¢per yard

Women's Elizabethan Italian Bonnet

Men's Elizabethan Italian Bonnet

straw hats  and  strawStraw Braid and Straw Hats

  Click here to order straw hats or braid (plait)

Women's Elizabethan Attifet

Elizabethan Brimless Hat

Late Tudor-Early Elizabethan French Hood

Mid-Victorian Winter Bonnet

Women's Elizabethan Arched Brim Tall Hat

Men's Elizabethan Arched Brim Tall Hat

Women's Elizabethan High Crowned Hat

Men's Elizabethan High Crowned Hat

Elizabethan French Hood

Cloth of Gold Escoffion Ins.

Georgian Tall Hat

Single Seam Coif

Arming Hood and Double Seam Cap

Womens Biggins

Elizabethan Blackwork Caul

Elizabethan Gold Mesh Caul

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