Late-Italian Ren
1560's Late-Italian Renaissance Gown

This gown was very custom. I used the tee shirt and tape method to arrive at a Corset (really a boned under bodice). Then used the corset pattern to arrive at the bodice pattern. The same thing with the sleeves. I used muslin to make a bent arm two part pattern with center front and center back seams. I used this for the pattern for the sleeve lining then, I cut the muslin pattern apart to give all the extra width and height for the sleeve head. For the chemise I made one with a normal opening then, with the corset and bodice over it I marked a new neck opening, that's where I added the starched lace. The lace was made up of several lace collars joined. It's about 5-6" high in the center back and about 1" high at the ends. I did add some clear horse hair to help support the collar in the center back. I took some 4" wide horsehair, folded along the center and cut it into a wedge shape. It starts at the side of the neck and gets about 1 1/2" at the center back of the neckline and then gets narrow again. This was sewn into the neck opening along with the lace and a neckhole facing that was about 3" wide. The short skirt is just a rectangle of the lighter velvet and the darker velvet that was cartridge pleated then wipstitched onto the bodice. The under skirt is a gored skirt that made of 4 gores three of them have faking. For full size views click on the images or the text below. <-B>

Back View of Dee talking with Kyle at Pittsburg Scottish Ren Faire

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