1570's Lady's Elizabethan Costume Sleeve

This sleeve is made up of 22 pieces. They are connected at the intersections only. Each piece is lined and piped with couched silver cord. It ties into the sleeve opening with wool bias cording with bolo tie tips for aglets.

Above is a schematic pattern for the sleeve sections. What I did was to take a modern Jacket sleeve pattern from a suit jacket in my size. Then with a ruler devide it into the diamond shapes in this drawing. number the pieces and cut them apart. Make sure that you add seam allowances. Cut one of the velvet, one of lining and sew them together with corded piping but leave a small hole so that you can turn them right side out after you trim the seam allowances back to about 1/8 ". Sew the hole closed by hand then sew the pieces together just at the intersections. The cuff pattern piece is just a rectangle and the sleeve gathers to fit the cuff.

Photo by Me.
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