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This is an example of a basically monochromatic hat. I have chosen two types of net mesh, some variegated ribbon and some died coque feathers. The hat itself is navy blue horsehair braid (on the right of the picture). The choice of these elements is to give a range of shades and textures but keep the hat basically monochromatic. Note the file folder below the supplies. I will take snippets of each thing and staple it to the folder along with any other reference materials for the creation of this hat.

supplies for Monochromantic hat

To add interest I’m thinking of adding a small grouping of red berries they will become the focal point because they are the only thing on the hat that not blue and it is a vibrant shade of red.

monochromantic additions


Here is the finished hat done in monochromatic navy blue elements with one secondary color focal point of the red berries and a white hat pin.

I used the narrow ribbon for not only the loop decorations but also the flowers on stems that drape down to the right of the berries and the long loops that drape down in the back of the hat with the net bows. The ribbon flowers are on wire stems covered with green florist tape.

I named this hat " the Centennial" because I realized that not only was it "red, white and blue but would have been in style in the year of the American Centennial 1876.

The model is Claudine de Montigny. Costume by Claudine de Montigny and Feather Tippetts.

I have always wanted to create a hat with this vintage ribbon so, I have collected a few other things I think will go with the ribbon, so far it’s a piece of vintage lace and two feathers. I want to make this hat basically two colors, green and orange. I need to go shopping for one or two more things.


Here is the folder opened to show the elements stowed in Zip-lock bags that are stapled into the folder. I have added a scrap of straw plait so I know the base color of the hat. I haven’t yet decided what shape the hat will be, that will come what I gather all the supplies. I might find something fantastic that could only go on a certain style of hat from a certain period.

Note; Zip-lock bags and for that matter no plastic bags should be used for long term storage of fabrics or feathers if they are modern or vintage. The gasses given off by the plastic will cause damage over time. They are very useful for short term storage while shopping.

contents in folder
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