Step by Step Easy Elizabethan Hair Style

Step 1; Spray hair with a styling hair spray and let it dry.
Step 2; Comb it out.
Step 3; Make a center part.
Step 4; Make another part from ear to ear, and clip those two sections of hair out of the way for now.
Step 5; Gather the hair in the back into a circular comb/clip.
Step 5a; Close up of circular comb/clip.
Step 6; Twist your hair in the back and pin with some long bobby pins.

Step 7; Remove the left front section from it's clip and hold it out in front of you. Start twisting counterclockwise until it is tight to your head.
Step 8; Pin the ends with two bobby pins at right angles to each other. Repeat with the other side but twisting clockwise.
Step 9; Cover with a caul, coif , Escoffion or fake bun. Pin it securely with two or three corsage pins. The best place to pin in right where you made the bobby pin X.
Step 10. It is important to pin the hat in place. 6-8 inch long hat pins work best for this, two should be all you need. Thank you Sara Decker for making a great model.
Elizabethan hair style

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