Feather Sources Wholesale/ Resale

Lamplight Feathers (I have ordered several things and all where good quality with good costumer service) By Mail: Lamplight Feather, P.O. Box 867, Fort Jones CA 96032
Phone:(530) 468-4099 Call toll free (within USA) (800) 806-5149 email: lamplightfeather@tonyhill.net Fax: (530) 468-4101

The Feather Place (resale arm of Zkucher feathers) (I have ordered from them and the quality and costumer service was very good) Call us: 800-291-6351 / 212-921-4452 (7:30-5:00 M-F - CT)

Zucker Feathers (Wholesale only) ( I have ordered from them in the past they are good for large quanities) Phone: 573-796-2183, Fax: 573-796-2278, Toll-free: 800-346-0657, E-Mail: sales@zuckerfeather.com

Mother Plucker Feather Company, Inc. (I have not ordered from them but my students love them. If you are in LA.)
2511 West 3rd Street, PO Box 57160, Los Angeles, CA 90057-0160
Phone: (213) 637-0411 Fax: (213) 637-0417 E-Mail: motherplucker@earthlink.net
For wholesale pricing and minimum order requirements, please contact them and your Resale Card must be on file for your order to be processed

Ostrich.com inc., (I have not ordered from them in their new form), Chicago - USA, 1733 N 33rd Ave, Stone Park IL 60165 US, tel +1 708 345 7989, fax +1 708 345 8584
US toll free 1 888 RING OOL, email US Office, http://www.ostrich.com

Hollywood Fancy Feathers Co., ( I haven't ordered for years but the where good then) No. Hollywood, Ca, Fax (818) 982-2919, Phone (800) 828-6689

Feather articles on my site

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Creating Ostrich Plumes

PDF file of faux wings

PDF of other feather ornaments from class

Feathers Used in Millinery

Miss G designs, Some interesting headresses some using cleaver feather arrangements.

I blog tribute to Isabelle Blow, Many of her hats use feathers.

No caption picture page, Down near the bottom of the page is an interesting hat with many LA Phesent tail feathers.

Flicker post of arturo Rios Hats, Great use of trim and shaped feathers.

A lovely Audrey Hepburn Hat done with stripped Cocque feathers.

A blog on 2010 feather hat trends

A 1950's Coctail Hat, Go to 12 of the 12 picctures it's beautiful.





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