1590's Elizabethan Trims and Fabric

This scan shows: 1) the white on white embroidered Irish Linen for the collar, cuffs and placket of the smock 2) the gold cording that is used on the cape and the slops 3) the gold and red "Europa" trim that was used in the cape and jerkin 4) the black velvet used for the cape and jerkin and 5) the two red silks. The smooth one was used as the cape lining and the textured one to make the doublet and the cannons. You can see that both silks are woven with black threads in one direction and bright red ones in the other. The scan on the right is of a collar that was removed (not used) from the cape. It shows the ribbon trim that was used on the cape and jerkin. You can see a joint or seam in the trim. There were 24 or 26 of these such joints. You can see then in the pictures of the jerkin tabs. It was not only important to match the motif in the trim but keep the pattern going in the same direction. There is a seam in the trim in the center back of the cape and cape collar so that the trim runs in the same directions down both sides of the cape front opening. It is very difficult to see this seam because it is matched.

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