Pansied Slops

On the left is a close up photo of the front closure on the slops and the cod piece. The center photo shows the panes of the slops. The motifs on the panes were embroidered by a Brother embroidery machine (thank you, Sacramento Sewing Machines) onto black velvet with gold thread. The red silk puffs show through holes cut in the velvet. Red silk also shows between the panes of the slops. The slops are worn over the canions. On the right is a photo that shows how the cod piece lays between the tabs of the jerkin.
I didn't have a period pattern for the slops. They are made up of 6 elements. (1) A wide waist band that "V" in the front. The top of the band is at the natural waist line. It is about two inches wide around the back and "V" to about 4" at the front opening. This is two layers of black velvet and one of denim it is left open at the bottom so that you can add a sandwich of, (2) the cotton shorts next to the skin, (3) baggy silk shorts with stuffing (netting) and the (4) pains. I used 22, 2" by 18-20" pains. The pains were interfaced and lined with black silk. They were then trimmed with gold cording. (5) There are also two leg bands that receive all the layers. The best way to put the whole thing together is on a dress form. That way you can arrange the pains and the stuffing so that they give you the shape you desire. I was going for a certain look and I did a lot of fussing. (6) For a cod piece pattern I looked to Janet Arnold's book on pg. 55. That is basically what I did except, change the shape of the cod piece to make it look more Spanish. The portrait doesn't have a cod piece but, I couldn't leave it out because this was the first man's costume I've made and I have always wanted to make a cod piece.

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