Elizabethan Court Dress over the Years

On the left is my first try at the costume contest at Northern Faire CA. On the right are Michelle, in Lower Class costume and I later that day. There is very little of the costume that is still the same, the attifet and the beginnings of the pieces of jewelry. Nice ruff!

Phase 2: Me besides myself with my cat. There is new trim but, the same sleeves and foreskirt and jewelry. In the first pictures and these I have on a large farthingale. That was very correct for the period of the 1580's. Nice ruff!

Phase 3: Me besides Michelle's dog Bow. Things are getting perhaps a little over done. We have a different hat. I wore it for a while it looked good from the front. There were silk ties down the front, a large bum roll and gloves. We have the final sleeves and purse. Nice ruff!

Photos by Michelle Hornberger, a stranger(with my camera) and Mike Gordon
Last Revision: 21 April 1999

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