Elizabethan or Tudor Custom Corset Pattern Order Form

Print a copy of this page and follow the instructions.

Measurements for Tudor or Elizabethan Corset
These measurments are best made over a Leotard. Take two lengths of ribbon could be any kind even package ribbon. Pin ribbon 1 snugly around chest at mid breast line. Pin ribbon 2 snugly around waist at natural waist line.
Measure the distance between ribbon1&2 at center back _______
Measure the distance between1&2 at side _______
Measure the distance between1&2 at center front and add distance to the front point _______

Before removing ribbons on 1 mark the center front, center back and sides. On ribbon 2 mark the placement of optional hip tabs, the center front, center back and sides.

E-mail me and I will send you an address where to send the ribbons and a copy of this completed form with $10.00 plus 3.00 shipping . When I get the form I will send you a full size custom corset pattern and two pages of instructions with illustrations. If you want an oak busk send another $10.00.

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