General Costume Books

"Costume" by Rowland-Warne, L. (1992) pub: Eyewitness Books ISBN 0-679-91680-1
"Evolution of Fashion:Pattern & Cut from 1066-1930" by Hill, Margot H. & Bucknell, Peter A. (1968) Pub: Quite Specific Media Group ISBN: 0896760995
"Fashion in Detail from the 17th and 18th Centuries" By Hart, Avril and North, Susan (1998) pub V&A Publications London ISBN 0-8478-2151-X
"Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd" by Janet Arnold.
"What Peoplw Wore 1,800 Illustrations from Ancient Times to the Early Twenieth Century by Gorsline, Douglas (1980) pub Dover ISBN 0-486-28162-0

Costume Books with Patterns

"Corsets and Crinolines" Waugh, Norah (1954) pub: Routledge/Theatre Arts Books ISBN 0-87830-526-2
"the Cut of Women's Cloths 1600-1930" Waugh, Norah (1968) pub: Routledge/Theatre Arts Books ISBN 0-87830-026-0
"Elizabethan Costuming" by Jan Winter & Carolyn Savoy.
"Patterns of Fashion the Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women c1560-1620" By Arnold, Janet (1985) pub Macmillan London Ltd. ISBN 0-333-38284-6
"Tudor Costume and Fashion" by Norris, Herbert (1938) pub: Dover Reprint ISBN 0-486-29845-0
"Patterns for Theatrical Costumes Garments, Trims and Accessories from Ancient Egypt to 1915" Holkeboer, Katherine (1993) pub: Drama Books ISBN 0-89676-125-8

Hat Reference Books:

"From the Neck Up an Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking" by Denise Dreher, Madhatter Press ISBN 0-941082-00-8
"Shoes, Hats,and Fashion Accessories a Pictorical Archive 1850-1940 by Grafton, Dover Books ISBN 0-486-40103-0
"Millinery for Every Woman" by Georgina Karr Kaye, Lacis ISBN 0-916896-43-9
"Victorian Fashion & Costuming From Harper's Bazar 1867-1898 by Stella Blum ,Dover BooksISBN 0-486-22990-4
" Victorian Women's Fashion Cuts" by Grafton, Dover Books ISBN 0-486-27825-5
"Women's Hats" by Adele Campione, Chronicel Books ISBN 0-8118-0781-9

Needlework Books

"Blackwork" by Gostelow, Mary (1976) pub: Dover ISBN 0-486-40178-2
"Complete Guide to Needlework" by Reader's Digest (ed.)
"History of Lace" by Bury Palliser.
"The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots" by Swain, Margaret (1973) pub Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. ISBN 0-442-29962-1
"Renaissance Patterns for Lace, Embroidery and Needlepoint" by Federico Vinciolo (1587). Dover Books reprint

Books on Painters

"Sofonisba Anguissiola The First Great Woman Artist of the Renaissance " by Perlingieri, Ilya (1992) pub Rizzoli New York ISBN 0-8478-1544-7


"the Tudors" by Ross, Josephine (1979) pub: Artus ISBN 1-898799-23-7

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