Post WWI, Late Teens / Early 20s

Four Different shaped hats with instructions for either fabric covered buckram or wireframe or a combination. You can see more pictures of the hats that I have made with this pattern here.


I have had some people ask how Lyze's hair was done for this shot. I asked her Mom, Donna. Donna and Lyze styled this photoshoot (and did a fantastic job) as they where in Tenn. and I was in CA. Just the hats got to travel between both locations. Here is what Donna wrote.

Hi Lynn!
I'm not a hairdresser, but it was a pretty simple do. The secret is a hair rat. You can buy them at Sally's. I separated the hair into three sections, left, right and center back. I can't remember but I may have put the center in a loose pony tail to hold it smoother. I used a hair rat on the bottom center piece. You start rolling at the end and turn it up into a u shape when you get near the scalp then hair pin it in. For the side pieces, I just rolled them up going toward the back, pinned them along the way and brought the ends over the center and pinned the ends into a curl. If the hair is thin or not full, you can use smaller rats on the side also.

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