Reproduction VS Modern
Reproduction VS Modern

On the left is a photo of my hat model Dianna Guzman and on the right is a picture of A. Bronsino´s portrait of Laudonia de═ Medici, c. 1560-65. Even thought I didn═t have a picture of this portrait in front of me when I was making my black Elizabethan Court costume (seen on this site), I had seen it in a costume book I had long sense returned. I must have stuck with me. The similarities are great. But this time when I went to make a replica of the hat I studied it for a long time. I always thought that the decorations between sections were circles of pearls, I got this idea from a drawing in ˝The mode in Hats and Headdressesţ and from a brimless hat in Elizabeth R worn by Robert Dudley═s Sister. But under closer examination I saw that they were four pearl gold medallions, I couldn═t find anything that I liked so, I used 1/2˝ very short barrel beads as seats for large pearls and sewed them as if they were a single item. My only wish would have been to see this portrait in color.

Photo by Me.
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