Straw from Straw ------- another Straw Hat Project
This hat was a teaching hat, I made it so that I would have something to demostrate on. The class was a Late Victorian straw hat class both for the construction of the base hat and decorating that base hat.

The front view of hat with it titled forward.

Below is a list of the things I wanted to teach in the class.

1. How to take apart sew straw hats. Which I did I left the crown in one piece and took the straw apart by pulling the chain stitch.

2. How to block straw. I used the top to a 50 pack of CDs as a shape to re-block the crown.

3. How to make a decoration of ribbons and sew them onto a crinoline shape. The variegated navy to white ribbon is wired and tacked to a black crinoline crescent shape.

4. How to make net puffs. There are two navy blue puffs of net on the left.

5. How to make an ostrich pompom. Also on the left is a pompom of dark blue.



Back view with blue-black underbrim.


6. How to use wired ribbon.

7. French Shirring. The underside of the hat shows both 6&7 I used the wire on the edge of this wide ribbon to gather the edge and I folded the ribbon in half and used a needle and thread to French shirr a second line of gathers.


Under side of hat.

It is a little bit easier to see in this picture of the under brim. I could have used a regular line of gathers down the center of the ribbon but French Shirring gives more puckers and you do not see the thread. This technique is often used in bonnet linings the stitches are done in multiple parallal rows.


Side View tipped forward.


The decorations on this side of the hat are vintage silk wheat stalks. They don't photograph well but do look fantastic in real life.







Other side view tipped forward.


From this side you can see the wheat stocks better. In the foreground and above is the faux whole bird that I made for another class on faux wings and faux birds. I covered the body of a fake bird with black duck feathers. I made and covered the wings separately and inserted them in the body. The long feathers that come from the tail are burnt ostrich drabs. I did cover how to burn ostrich feathers in the class but we did not have time to do it. But we did spend some time dying ostrich feathers with Koolaid. That went very well.


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