Making a Fabric Head Form or Wig Form:

This head form can be used as a base to make gold mesh cauls or escoffions in place of a Styrofoam head. It can also be used to display hats. You can see examples in the hats section of this site, on the Italian bonnet and attifet page.
The pattern is on two pages that need to be printed on 14 long paper. Double check that your printer is printing them out at the correct size, the large gray box should be 1" and the small gray box should be 1cm. Join the pattern pieces on page 2 together along the black line to form one long pattern piece. Sew one each of the long pattern pieces to one of the Head sides matching the black triangles. Then sew the two half together along the center front to center back line. Stuff it as tightly as possible with cotton or synthetic fiberfill. Leave just enough room to slip the wooden or cardboard base into the head opening and be able to pull the fabric over the edge of the wood and staple gun or glue along the bottom edge. If you are using cardboard it is best to laminate three or four layers of corrugated cardboard. I alternate the direction of the layers of cardboard for strength. Once the wood is glued or stapled in place you can screw the head to a wooden plack this helps it stay upright. A tightly woven strong fabric is recommended. The final head size is very dependant on the amount of bias stretch in the fabric and just how tightly you stuff your head but you should get a 22" head size. You can get a larger or smaller head by printing the pattern at a percent over 100 or under 100. The following percents are suggestions. 20" use 91%, 20.5" use 94%, 21" use 96%, 21.5 use 98%, 22" use 100%, 22.5" use 102%, 23" use 104%, 23.5" use 106%, 24"use 109%, 24.5"use 11%, 25" use 114%.

PDF file


Making a Fabric Chignon Base Form:

This pattern is to make a base so that you can style your Chignon or make and set false bangs. The pattern is on two pages of a PDF file that can be printed on 8.5by11" paper. The instructions for putting it together are on the pages but it is very much the same as the Wig form above.

PDF file

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