U.S. Civil War Period Bonnet

This pattern works for the time period 1860-70. It includes instructions for making it as a fabric covered hat or making it up with "straw braid". Similar bonnets where being shown in the fashion magazines of London and America from the early 1860's but if you are not costuming for a character that would have had access to the latest fashions for the early Civil War time period you might want to choose my 1840'-1850's style bonnet pattern. That shape bonnet was still being worn but do cut it so that, when finished you can see the majority of your profile You should not show as much as this bonnet does but some of the forehead as well as eyes, nose and chin.


Straw covered version.Shown with a ribbon curtain and matching ties.

Some fashion plates from the 1860's showing similar hats covered with fabric and/or made of straw.


Photos by Me.
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