close up
Childs Elizabethan Gown Bodice Closeup

Lady Lytton's jewelry is made up of a broche that had one large cabochon stone with other rhinestones around that. I covered half of the rhinestones with the set red emerald cut stones and removed the other half and glued small pearls onto the depressions that were left. The three drop pearls are on a separate pin back that is pined to the bodice before the broche. Her choker necklaces is made of pearls that alternate with the same set red (some gold) emerald cut stones, I got these by taking apart two elastic bracelet. There are also two earrings that are a drop hanging from one of the set stones (pined to the top of the dress form). The long necklace matched the girdle jewelry and is just pearls and red glass beads. The girdle jewelry ends in a cross that had lots of filigree work in the center so that I could add pearls and red glass beads.


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