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Costumes by Lynn McMasters


Lace Brim Hat Cover

more New Patterns


Five articles on

Women's European Turbans

Child's Elizabethan Gown

1570's English Court Dress

Surcoat and Kirtle

Spanish Surcoat and Kirtle

1550's English Tudor Court Dress

Elizabethan Upper Middle Class Dress

Work in Progress



My new article on tassels for costumes

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd:

the Costume Maker's Companion

mad hatter

Mad Hatter & Flared Top Hat

another How to Article

Show Girl Costume

Northern European Man's Wool

Pearled Elizabethan Riding Hat

Order Patterns

Flag Fan for the Queen Photos

Hats, Hats & more Hats

Child's Elizabethan Closed Bodice Gown

Period Dolls, etc.

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Duchess Straw Hat

Straw from Straw

18th C Waistcoat Workshop

Silk Organza Partlet

Wee Highlander

Man's Elizabethan Court Costume

Lady's Elizabethan Court Costume

History of Ruffs

Italian Renaissance

Chemise of 13,000 Pearls

Embellishment in the 1500's

Arming Doublet

Lace in the 1500's

Costume Related Books

Colored Straw from Straw

Straw to Straw

Link to Edwardian Hat project

From 1960s Dress to Edwardian Hat

Man's Elizabethan Slashed Silk

Chrimson and Burgundy Elizabethan Gown

Newly Completed Costumes

Yellow Gold Man's Costume

Wee Highlanders

Queen Elizabeth Fashion Doll FinalFitting

1560's Europeans Middle Class

1790's European

1560's Italian Style Gown

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Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: The Costume Maker's Companion, 1700-1920 
I have posted photos of these costumes on the web to share with people that like to look at such things. I know that they are not 100% historically accurate. They are close and they have a good level of detail which shows up well in these photos taken by Gail Nichols, Delia Trafton and myself. I would love to hear your comments or questions. Click on the images below to go to a separate page for each Costume. This web site is image heavy, please let me know if you think that the pictures take too long to generate or you think there are an excessive amount of them. For more info on me click on word"bio"

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